Her first WIN! Just minutes after tasting the sweet victory with her own horse! Round of shots on Lexi!!!

What happens at the Maine Fairs, goes on the TrotCast! 16 year old Zach Gray got a little camera shy once the red light was on, but we have recovered footage from Friday night's Windsor Midnight Maine Event!
The always outspoken and leading driver in Maine, Drew Campbell! He's also "more handsome and talented" than his brother Heath! 30+ years of racing hasn't slowed him down as he won the Windsor Invitational in Track Record fashion
Aaron and his brother Ryan have teamed up and run their stable of horses together! They do it all too, drive, train, blacksmith, shipping, warm ups....except grow mane of hair...that, he's definitely failed at! (Although he promises the look is to emulate his idol Jason Bartlett!)
There are conflicting reports on which Campbell brother is the better driver, and which is better looking! Both Drew and Heath agree though that is the better trainer! Heath focuses on younger horses, and developing them into winners!
For over 50 years he's been at Windsor Fair and Maine, keeping a top racing stable! He's also the grandfather of the #1 driver at Yonkers Raceway and one of the top drivers in Harness Racing, Jason Bartlett. He helped raise Jason and guided him along his path to the top!
Maurice Bouchard celebrated his 100th birthday at the Windsor Fair! While interviewing him, Ryan Macedonio learned that he's a playboy and wooed his now wife of 10 years with some serious moves! Now they moved to Maine to enjoy Harness Racing and each other!
Dave wears many hats in harness racing, including trainer, driver, and a member of board for the MHHA! We took a stroll around the Windsor Fair to talk all things Maine!
Wendy Ireland, President of the Maine Standardbred Breeders and Owners Association! Breeding life, home life, husband life, and cycling life, all apart of Wendy's life!
Team Lawbstah!? McKenzie and Andy took the risk together and started their own stable in the spring! Not too many young people take chance to be their own boss and go out on a limb!
Bo has established himself as one of the top trainers in Maine, but that's not his proudest achievement. He sired two great kids, Mcgwire Sowers and McKenzie Sowers, bot who are young and ready to make an impact in Harness Racing!
17 years old, McGwire has been driving up a storm at the Maine Fairs this year, having one of the best averages! He handles a horse like a seasoned pro already. Once he turns 18, he can finally get fully licensed to race everywhere.....So watch out!!!!