Benny Bloss for MXoN18

Benny Bloss should be picked to represent Team USA in The 2018 Motocross of Nations when it comes to RedBud in October. Now before you start saying how ludicrous it is, just take a breath and really think about it. 

What exactly is the overall purpose for Team America in MXoN? If the purpose is to win, then there isn't a debate because you take whatever available champions that are healthy. Eli Tomac is your 2017 Pro Motocross 450 Champ, Aaron Plessinger is your 250 Supercross West Coast Champ and currently leading the 2018 Pro Motocross 250 Series. They are healthy and champions, so they go. The third spot automatically should go to 2018 Supercross Champion Jason Anderson. Now technically Jason isn't healthy right now, but it seems like he will be in a few weeks, so that's your team. Justin Barcia and Alex Martin are alternates as they are next in line in points. Simple.... Done.... Easy....Logical.... If the whole point is to WIN! 

From what I've gathered, MXoN hasn't exactly been top priority for riders in the past. There have been some who have actually turned down the offer, siting other commitments, nursing injuries, etc, which seems ridiculous right? So am I supposed to believe that competing/winning brings all sorts of crazy exposure that sponsors are willing to trample each other? Don't get me wrong, it's an awesome event, but we should only treat it as such... An awesome event.

So if we treat it as just an awesome event, we can see things a little more clearly than the standard red, white, and blue lens filter of WIN, MMRRCA, RED BUD!! MXoN should be a celebration of everything that makes Motocross great. Eli Tomac and Aaron Plessinger are slam dunks for my team and is mostly because they put on a great show for the fans. Their racing styles are amazing to watch and always a focal point of the broadcast. Where's Aaron and where's Eli, they are rarely forgotten during a moto! Even when they don't win, the focus is generally on them. 

Back to Benny!! The baby giraffe has put together an excellent string of races going back into Supercross and hit his all time best with a podium finish in Moto 1 at Red Bud, the same Red Bud that's hosting MXoN. Here's the chance to give Benny Bloss the boost he deserves and has earned with his excellent riding. If we want this sport to grow, you have to continue to build stars. Some of it happens naturally, and some have to be manufactured and molded, Benny is a case in the middle. If all of Motocross got behind this guy, he'd immediately be another story to tell for years to come! 


The other choices are Justin Barcia and Blake Baggett. Blake seemed to be a popular choice headed into the start of the season, but some injuries and bad starts have moved him down the line. Barcia has been outstanding this year, nothing to nitpick about... But both guys have already been on the team!!! What do they gain as riders? All personal accolades, but it's not like they'll get any more popular with fans or the media. They are already top stars and will be around for years to come. They will both be podium guys with lines of fans for autographs. 

Same goes for Anderson, ya know, the Supercross Champ. He's already won a Moto at MXoN...I know I know, he got landed on and wants redemption.... Seriously, watch this, it's brutal.


That Moto win, when he beat Herlings straight up, is what vaulted El Hombre into that tier of riders who are talked about as "guys who could win championships."

We all want to win whenever we compete, but an event like this should be bigger than winning. Look at the World Cup, if it was all about winning, the final would literally be the lowest rated game because only two Nations care about that game. It's not, and most nations just enjoy the event for what it is. Sure it stings for Brazil to lose, but is the country boycotting the final? No. 

Benny Bloss has proven that he's right on par with everyone and can race with the best consistently. On track, I'd still expect top 3-5 finish from all 3, but off track, Benny joins the elite tier.... And if Benny wins a Moto....We all win

Ryan Macedonio