Tennessee Pro National at Muddy Creek Raceway

Brandon Hartranft made his pro debut this year and is technically a rookie, but the 19 year old already has some top 5's to his resume and could possibly win Rookie of the Year!
2018 Supercross Rookie of the Year Chase Sexton! He hit the podium with a 3rd overall at the Tennessee Pro National at Muddy Creek Raceway. Is it a coincidence that he had his best motocross race after doing an interview with TrotCast???
Media is supposed to be impartial, but it's really hard to not to like RJ Hampshire! Easily the most handsome rider on Geico Honda, but ladies don't get too excited, as RJ is getting married in November.
Sean Cantrell isn't a rookie anymore, and his finishes are progressing but he's still the youngest rider on the Troy Lee Designs KTM Team....and still has to work on growing a beard
Jordon had his best finish overall last week at Spring Creek, hitting the podium with his perfect beard in the first moto! I wanted to hate on him but after talking with him, I'll just accept that he's an excellent MX rider, but a better beard grower
Alex Ray is def a fan favorite, but his #1 fan is prob his mom! Her and the fam were able to visit Muddy Creek Raceway for the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Series!