Trotting4Charity Intro

Trotting 4 Charity had its inaugural year in 2018. The goal was to raise money for as many different charities as possible while simultaneously giving harness racing fans a chance to support their favorite drivers and trainers by sporting a replica jersey of their colors! Each driver selected their own charity to represent, each with their own personal story for why they chose that charity. In total, 49 jerseys were produced, worn in races across North America, and auctioned off generating $12,155 that were donated directly to the charities!

2018 Jerseys

In 2019, we’ve unveiled a new design and increased our jerseys produced to over 70! But this year Trotting 4 Charity will be a raffle instead for EACH jersey. To purchase a ticket for each individual jersey, simply donate $20 DIRECTLY to the represented charity and emailing the receipt to

The kickoff will start Friday May 3rd at The Meadowlands for the RUS event. After that, drivers and trainers for the next 10 days will sport their jerseys. The raffle will be May 14th and 15th (details to follow)

2019 Jerseys