Trotting4Charity 19 FAQ's

Which drivers jerseys are available?

  • The list of drivers participating along with the custom jersey designs can be found in the T4C19 Jerseys section at the bottom

How much is a ticket?

  • Tickets are $20 each

How do I purchase a ticket?

  • Donating directly to the represented charity (you can find links to every charity on the T4C19 Jerseys section at the bottom), THEN sending the receipt to

How does the raffle work?

  • Every jersey will have its own set of tickets and it’s own raffle. If you purchase a ticket for (example Aaron Merriman’s jersey) you are only entered in that raffle

How many tickets can I buy?

  • You can buy an unlimited amount of raffle tickets, for as many jerseys as you want! Remember, it all goes to charity anyways!!

When will the raffle be?

  • May 14th & May 15th

When are drivers wearing the jerseys?

  • Between May 3rd and May 13th

If you have any other questions feel free to fill out the form below! Thanx!

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