Harness Racing is a lifestyle and Brian Burton lives it! He had a full time 9-5 job but has now moved on and lives a great life with his family, racing, training, driving, and occasionally heading to the beach!
The Callahan family tree in harness racing keeps branching out and generating success! Shaun Callahan along with this parents and brother maintain a highly efficient, family run farm in the DC area, and the next branch is young Zachary Amiss who is just starting out his driving career!
Declan is 18 years old and is just starting his driving career! He already has a few wins under his belt and can only grow from here!
Tyler Davis has a long lineage in harness racing, and has already started the next generation of Davis's in the sport, having a baby just a few weeks ago! He'll never forget that birthday....but it's questionable on if he remembered his anniversary quick enough!!
Rosecroft GM Lisa Watts, Racing Secretary Pete Hanley and Track Maintenance Manager Dan Herbst all work together to bring racing to Rosecroft Raceway! All work together to put on the best possible product in the DC area, and every indication is that they're growing and growing with every race card!
The Offutt Compound covers hundreds of acres in Maryland! A fully self sustaining farm, growing, breeding, and raising everything they need to keep their fleet of racehorses competing from hay, oats, straw, soy beans, a race track, barns, hay, more soy beans, more hay!
Frank Milby recently added a training track to his family's massive farm in MD. Upkeep and maintenance is just as important as horse training, so Frank teaches us some proper techniques to use around the tractors!
Rick Still will be Trotting4 Charity representing the Make A Wish Foundation this weekend in the DC area! He also plans to have an unlimited budget when bidding on Simon Allard's jersey when it goes up for auction in the next week!!
A popular and recurring event at Rosecroft Raceway, the I Want To Be A Driver mini camp puts harness racing fans in the seat and in the race next to one of the leading drivers! Feel the speed, excitement, and adrenaline in a safe environment, along with a paddock tour and dinner afterwards!
Two of the participants in Rosecroft Raceway's I Want To Be A Driver Exhibition event! Donna and Joe love horse racing, but haven't been able to experience the thrills and adrenaline rush of a real horse race! This exhibition event did just that!
Both Leslie and Ashley have plenty of experience around riding horses, but not around racing and standardbreds. Rosecroft's I Want To Be A Driver Event gave them a perfect opportunity to jump in and have some fun!