Revolution #TBT

#TBT Jay Hochstetler and Ryan Macedonio joined forces to revolutionize Harness Racing with new ideas

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Drivers Championships are popping up everywhere, so what would happen if a Team Championship was created? Jay and Ryan create the idea and lay the foundation!

Broski shares his definitive, undisputed, and official Top 10 list of sandwiches and Harness Racing drivers! Find out who is the official Pb&J, Cheesesteak, etc of Harness Racing and where they rank!!!

There are too many restrictions, rules, regulations, and negative press surrounding HARNESS we've decided to strip it all away and create an NCAA TROTTING CHAMPIONSHIP. Take it back to what we love about the sport, the horses, the competition, the lifestyle, and add the civic pride with educational foundation of the college experience

What would happen if tracks were separated into A and B Classes, and the trainers who raced at those tracks were also separated? A system where a trainer would have to earn their A ranking....Jay and Ryan break down the idea!

Who would've had the bigger impact on #harnessracing if major injuries were NEVER an issue Walner or Wiggleit Jiggle It??? 

The NBA is leading the charge to legalize gambling on their sport. This will have a massive effect on Harness Racing, and if the industry doesn't move quickly, this could be the death nail. 

What would happen if a marketing genius like Steve Jobs created his own training stable in harness racing? Would he be successful? What are some of the things he would improve?

One year into the Harness Racing simulation game Off and Pacin! With a community that is growing each week, how can this game improve so that it can help lead the industry towards new fans for years to come!

More action, larger fields, less stress and longer careers and specialized options for our horses, increased variety of wagering, additional opportunities for earnings for owners....and the list goes on! Jay Hochstetle and Ryan Macedoni may have unlocked ow to revolutionize harness racing into a product that can surge forward into the 21st century!

If you're tired of discussing the new Integrity rule that Woodbine - Mohawk Par and Meadowlands Racetrac will be implementing in 2018, you probably don't care about the future of Harness Racing! Rules like this needs to be brainstormed and molded into what will help our industry thrive moving past this year

Olympic Gold Medalist and World Champion Bode Miller has transitioned into horse racing. Jay Hochstetler and Ryan Macedonio share their thoughts on how he can revolutionize training and why all current horsemen should be fearful

Part 2 of the 3 Part 3 Series with USHWA Breakthrough nominees Ray Cotolot, Michael Carter, and Ryan Macedonio! Part 1 is available at under the December 15th episode in the show archives! Part 3 will be available on Post Time with Mike and Mike on Thursday December 21

Does a driver, trainer, or anyone else that is in the paddock, have extra duties to help improve the image and overall presentation of our racing product? Jay and Ryan go over some pet peeves along with ideas to help bring our sport into 2018

Every year, the best division and best races are put on by the Older Pacers, and this year proved no less! For 7 months, from the Levy through the TVG, these war horses provided timeless entertainment for fans all across North America, now it's that time of year to vote on the Dan Patch Older Pacer of the Year Award!

A fun episode where Jay and Ryan share their thoughts on what would happen if The Meadowlands Racetrac took their $12 Million in Stakes money, and put it towards overnight racing!

We're back and the Revolution continues! Jay and Ryan share their thoughts on the yearling sales, how to make it entertaining and how to portray the raw emotion to all of the harness racing fans!

Jay Hochstetler and Ryan Macedonio discuss the failed marketing strategies at Harness Racing tracks for children and the younger generations of fans. What changes can be made to attract our new wave of fans?

Jay Hochstetler and Ryan Macedonio discuss the impact that following WWE could have on Harness Racing. WWE is the most socially active brand with 550 BILLION Impressions online! Plus, Wrestlemania 33 was the most engaged event in history! They're doing something right and we should emulate.

Jay Hochstetler and Ryan Macedonio discuss the wildly popular Harness Racing Smartphone Game "Off And Pacing". It's a completely immersive stable simulation where you buy, sell, race, and manage a stable of horses and race against other real people! Hopefully this can be the next big thing to bring harness racing to the mainstream!

Jay Hochstetler and Ryan Macedonio discuss the idea of a John Campbell Retirement Tour! The greatest driver in the history of harness racing is deserves to have the spotlight and a proper retirement! Why not make a big spectacle of it!!??

Jay Hochstetler and Ryan Macedonio are joined by Garnet Barnsdale! A longtime handicapper and gambling expert, Garnet also writes analysis for many outlets including DRF Harness for their WEG Canadian Circuit Tracks, Mohawk and Woodbine. He bets all over the world and wants to throw some unique ideas out to try for the beginners and the experts, and to continue to grow the wagering pools in harness racing!

Jay Hochstetler and Ryan Macedonio discuss the USHWA/USTA Annual Meetings that were held in Las Vegas over the weekend....spoiler alert, Jay and Ryan are pissed off about the overall lack of attendance and interactivity.

Jay Hochstetler and Ryan Macedonio talk about Ryan's visit to the US Trotting HQ in Columbus, Ohio. Plus the first ever Presidential Debate in USTA history happened, so the guys talk about what it was like to participate and see it from the outside!

Jay Hochstetler and Ryan Macedonio discuss their lasting impressions on this year's epic race! Ryan was live in France and at the Vincennes track, while Jay watched the TV coverage. Lots of amazing things happened and they tried to cover them all!

With Ryan away in Paris for the Prix D'Amerique, we pre-recorded an episode for everyone! Jay and Ryan discuss some new and innovative ideas ideas for stable management and labor to hold you over until the Revolution Returns next week to discuss everything about Ryan's visit!

Jay and Ryan host their first annual USTA District Meeting. Rule changes and proposals are on the agenda

Jay Hochstetler and Ryan Macedonio are joined by special guest Marcus Miller! The 2016 USHWA Rising Star, Marcus participated at the Miami Valley Driver's Challenge that kicked off their 2017 season. We all discussed what they did right and how we can improve these Driver's Challenges going forward!

Jay, Ryan, and Special guest Darin Zoccali discuss the chaos in harness racing over the last few weeks. When is it good, when is it bad, and what can we do to avoid it when it happens!

Jay and Ryan discuss the monopoly of Roberts Communication Network and how to eliminate the stranglehold they have on race distribution with new innovative ideas! There are many ways to capitalize on the infrastructure that is already in place

Jay and Ryan discuss the Hi 5 Jackpot at Woodbine Racetrack! We try to take an already successful idea and make it even better. They had over $2M wagered on one race and the payout was $24k for a $1 winning ticket

Jay and Ryan put the final touches on the Whip topics. Plus, unveil a new voting system to replace the current faulted USHWA format for determining division winners and Horse f the Year!

Lifelong trainer and always honest Don Swick joins Jay and Ryan to dissect the new rule to bans all whips in Australia, some USTA talk, and other innovative ideas to spring harness racing forward!

Jay and Ryan unveil another innovative idea! The National Major League Harness Racing League of World Harness Racing Championship Association (Name Pending!) It's a Winter League setup to fully emulate every other professional sport!

Jay and Ryan discuss the USTA Presidency! The focus going forward and what they hope to accomplish over the next months before the election in February including a Presidential Debate!

Jay and Ryan discuss what we can take from other sports to use towards harness a major announcement!!!!

Horse of the Year comes down to Always B Miki and Wiggle It Jiggleit! These two horses have battled all year and we will never forget the races as they go down as all time greats! It was a privilege to watch them race against each other

Jay and Ryan go into detail about the idea and logistics of a Breeders Crown Village to help celebrate the year of racing and bring everyone involved together to promote the sport of Harness Racing!

Jay and Ryan get in a heated argument over the Chris Oakes/Meadowlands/Gural/Breeders Crown issue. Plus, the greatest fantasy idea ever in harness racing!!

Jay and Ryan discuss all things Breeders Crown this week! Why elimination races are unwatchable, goals and settings for future events, and how to turn this event into the Super Bowl of Harness Racing!

Anthony certainly didn't create the idea of fractional ownership, but he revolutionized the idea! The forward thinking is exactly what harness racing needs along with many other people with Anthony's drive to follow an idea to its completion!

Jay and Ryan discuss how horsemen need to step up and take accountability into their own hands. Simple, cheap, easy solutions to take control of their image and bring some PRIDE back to Harness Racing!

Jay and Ryan may have come up with the best idea EVER on the podcast to fix the Grand Circuit! The Revolution continues!

Jay and Ryan ask that simple question! The second episode of the Revolution discusses the 2016 Little Brown Jug, Lou Pena and #yogurtgate What went wrong out there, what was great, and how can we improve everything moving forward! Join the Revolution!!!

With Jay Hochstetler and Ryan Macedonio: Discussions about the Driver's Challenge at Harrah's Philadelphia, how to make it better, where they went wrong, and how to hold people accountable!