Loretta Lynn Qualifiers at Fast Farms MX

Fast Farms MX in Tennessee held a Loretta Lynn Amateur National Championship qualifer. Some of the brightest and youngest mx riders were on showcase!

Christopher Torres is only 17 years old and already he's established a career resume that would make most motocross riders jealous! At the Loretta Lynn's qualifiers, he entered 12 motos and won all 12!! If all goes well in 2018, he'll be representing Mexico at the Motocross of Nations!!
Here is the future! Moon Gerrits and Caden Braswell qualified last year for Loretta Lynn's Amateur National Championship, and this year they're looking to add some wins to their career and build upon turning into pro motocross rider!
Devon started riding full time a few years ago, and has now qualified for regionals to compete at Loretta Lynn's Amateur National Championship! He's young, bright, and traveling everywhere to gain more motocross experience!
Motocross is a family affair for Jalen Hardcastle! It's not just about competing at the races, which by the way he hits the podium, but bringing his family & friends along for the weekend party experience!
Devan Urban, a Cali kid, has long flowing hair, and is starting to rack up the wins and climb the ranks in motocross. He qualified for regionals and is hoping to compete at Loretta Lynns Amateur National Championship in August!