Out of retirement, Executive Producer of TrotCast, Ryan Macedonio traveled to the Fryeburg Fair in Maine to compete in the 1st Annual Fryeburg Futurity!
Winner of the Fryeburg Futurity! 19 Year Old Mitch Cushing beat out Ryan Macedonio in the stretch in a "passing of the torch" moment! Mitch still has plenty of races to win and has a bright future.
19 year old Matt Athearn is making his mark on New England Harness Racing! He already handles himself like a professional and is one of the bright spots for the region, he just hopes to be as confident off the track as he is on the racetrack
Eric Davis, one of the young drivers in Maine! (There always seem to be an endless supply of them) He's only 21 and already is working on building his training stable to help increase his exposure in New England. Depending on who you talk to, legend has it that Jason Bartlett even modeled his colors after Eric's father Eddie Davis Jr!
Sherry finished 2nd in the inaugural Fryeburg Futurity with Air Force Grad! A great trainer and lifelong horsewoman, don't let her smile fool you, she's still a badass and can drive with the best and win!
The golden voice of the Fryeburg Fair, Mike Cushing! You'll find him up at the crows nest overlooking the entire fair, and anyone is welcome into the booth to enjoy the sights from his view!
Jim Dunn, Winner of the Mountain Skipper Invitational, one of the fastest horses in Maine ever with JJ's Jet, and oh yeah, the 2nd leading % driver at Fryeburg this year....behind Ryan Macedonio!
The Director of Racing at the Fryeburg Fair, Kim Pike! A lifelong horsemen and resident of Maine, Kim has been tasked with the job of putting on the racing product for the 100,000+ people that will visit the Fryeburg Fair throughout the week!
One of the top trainers at Fryeburg, Stanley prides himself on young horses and working with his daughter! He's also not opposed to a post race celebration, and there is plenty of entertainment at the Fryeburg Fair!
Maine has been generous to David Ingraham! Wife, family, career, and he's still happy to race, drive, and train horses. All that said, Ryan Macedonio dug a little deeper, and got some ladies advice from Dave, including how he got his wife, Kelly Case to fall in love with him!
The presiding judge at the Fryeburg Fair, Roger Smith Jr! He's pretty much done it all in harness racing and has plenty of great stories to tell. He even invited everyone who's visiting Fryeburg next year to stop by his Beach condo for the big party he's going to host!!!.....at least that's what Ryan Macedonio told us!!!