Breeders Crown at Hoosier Park

Jamie Macomber! She's currently leading the Trainer standings at Hoosier Park and has a few Breeders Crown starters in the Championship Finals! It's only fitting that the first time Hoosier Park hosts the event, that one of their home take home a crown!
Yannick won 4 Breeders Crowns at Hoosier Park!! 3 of them came with 3 Trotting fillies who will undoubtedly split votes for Horse of the Year!! Hannelore Hanover, Ariana G, and Manchego have put on a show for everyone all year long, and Yannick has been at forefront leading the way!
Breeders Crown Champion Trainer Brian Brown! It has a nice ring to it as he won the 3 Year Old Pacing Filly Championship with Blazin Britches and Trace Tetrick
Trace Tetrick, the all time winning driver at Hoosier Park! This is first time that Hoosier Park will be hosting 12 Championship Races, so it's only fitting that Trace defend his home turf and win one of them!
Trace Tetrick promised us an interview after each Breeders Crown victory, and he did just that!! His first Championship came with Blazin Britches in the 3 Year Old Filly Pace!
Trace's 2nd Breeders Crown victory came with Fiftydallarbill, and was a true Indiana showcase! As per the agreement with Ryan Macedonio, here's part 3 with Trace Tetrickk!!!
John Delong, one of the top drivers in the fleet of young talent at Hoosier Park! He's making his first appearance in the Breeders Crown this weekend as both a trainer and driver, and there's no better time or place than at the first time Hoosier Park is hosting the 12 Championship Races!
It's not too often that Tim Tetrick has to take a backseat in popularity, but his brother Trace Tetrick is the leading driver at Hoosier Park Racing and Casino! They both will square off in the Breeders Crown Races and Tim has plenty of horsepower to bring home some Championship trophies!
Joann King and her husband Jim have been together 40+ years training horses. They've won a lot of major races, but never a Breeders Crown Championship! They have Nike Franco N, a worldwide traveler and former New Zealand Pacer of the Year, in their stable, and she came through with a win in her elimination race at Hoosier Park!
Sam Widger, one of the leading drivers at Hoosier Park. He's calm and cool and nothing seems to stress him out, which is the perfect personality for big events and situations like the Breeders Crown and high stakes races!
Rock N Roll World has been a horse of a lifetime for one of Hoosier Park's top trainers, Jeff Cullipher! He's competed all over the US racetracks and all of the signature events in Harness Racing!!
Hoosier Park and Casino in Anderson, Indiana is hosting the 12 Breeders Crown Championship Races! TrotCast with Ryan Macedonio will be providing coverage and interviews of all the great stories before, during, and after he event! It's Hoosier Park's first time hosting he Breeders Crown and it's their time to shine!