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TrotCast is a multimedia brand that produces content to promote Harness, Auto, and Motocross Racing. Created by Ryan Macedonio in 2015, the vision was to tell the stories of the athletes, trainers, owners, and everyone in between, in a light hearted, fun, and informative platform. What started as a simple audio podcast has grown quickly into multiple formats of content across every type of digital media seen worldwide. Continuously growing and adding more content will be a focus in 2018. TrotCast will still be at the major events across all racing, but promoting the people and telling stories will always remain the priority!


In its 2nd season, Revolution with Jay Hochstetler and Ryan Macedonio sets out to bring new ideas to Harness Racing. Each episode a new topic is introduced, then Jay and Ryan brainstorm around the idea. Other ideas may come up as they hash out the realisitic implementation as well as the benefits and faults of the new topic. Sometimes guests are invited on that may have specific knowledge on the subject. The 1st season was strictly an audio podcast, and the 2nd season has introduced a new video format, which has increased exposure and viewership. Revolution is now the only “television” show in harness racing to be produced on a weekly basis that isn’t a handicapping format. There is no set time limit, but episodes are generally 30+ minutes

In 2017, Ryan Macedonio partnered with the Maine Harness Horseman’s Association and visited the Windsor and Fryeburg Fairs. Boasting some of the largest fairs in the country, attendance at Fryeburg averages 30,000 each day, while Windsor has the largest purse structure. Ryan was able to meet all of the local horsemen then showcase them in individual interviews. New England has always been rooted in harness Racing and they continue to support it through social media.

The 90th edition of the Hambletonian in 2015 was the first major event that Ryan Macedonio covered, and was the start of the relationship with the Hambletonian Society as they hired him to do live paddock interviews. The last two years have added more and more content leading up to the race with a focus on the Road to the Hambletonian. Throughout the many prep races including the Earl Beal Memorial, Stanley Dancer Memorial, and other Sire Stakes, Ryan updates the relevant information for the public through interviews, pictures, race replays, and promotional posters through social media. For the 12 weeks leading up to the Hambletonian Final in August, it is a digital flurry of content on the past, present, and future of Harness Racing’s grandest and most prestigious race

Woodbine Racetrack was the first Breeders Crown that Ryan Macedonio covered in 2015. Just like the Hambletonian that year, it was a relatively simple experiment, and Ryan conducted many paddock interviews with the sport’s stars. 2016 added more preparatory duties and more content, but 2017 may be the personal achievement! 2 weeks spent at Hoosier Park this year allowed a constant flow of content for all to see as the Harness Racing world set their eyes on Hoosier Park and the Breeders Crown. More interview, pictures, videos, promotional posters, and every race replay was made available and flowed through social media. Parterning with Hoosier Park, the digital media and content consumption was a major success and set the tone moving forward in 2018. 


Major events like the Breeders Crown and Hambletonian are only part of the schedule! Here is a list of tracks and events Ryan brought TrotCast to!

Hippodrome de Vincennes - Prix D’Amerique

Yonkers Raceway - Levy Final

Flamboro Downs

Orange County Fair Speedway

Tony Stewart’s Sprint Cup

Orange County Motocross

Unadilla MX - NYS Championship

Claverack MX

Walden MX

Raceway Park - Kawasaki Race of Champions

World Drivers Championship in Canada at Century Downs, Mohawk Racetrack, Georgian Downs, Hippodrome Trois Rivieres, and Charlottetown Driving Park

Little Brown Jug

Rosecroft Raceway - Potomac Pace


59% Men to 41% Women

61% Under Age 45


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$275 / Month


Advertising on TrotCast includes an ad spot on every piece of video content produced by TrotCast, along with ad space on and individual posters distributed on all media platforms. The accepted standard advertising rate is $2 per 1000 impressions and our numbers reflect that. This rate will stay locked until June 30 ,2018 when new data will be collected and new ad rates will be established. Updating our data and rates each 6 months will offer our partners the fairest way to determine if their $$$ is well spent. We want your ads to succeed and will go above and beyond helping the exposure! We also want you to know how and why our rates are established. Each month, a data report will be sent out to all partners with detailed information on the results of each of piece of content. Although the majority of our viewer demographic is under 45 years old, TrotCast content is consumed by all ages, with an almost even split between men and women. We hit every age demographic and are seen internationally. Become part of one of the fastest growing and most trusted brands in Harness Racing at creating and distributing promotional, entertaining content! Contact us